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About us

Premium Products for Endurance Athletes

Who we are and what we do.

PREY Defiant is the official Australian representative for a range of premium products designed specifically for Endurance Athletes. We represent VFuel Endurance Fuels, SBR Sports Inc., including SKINSLICK, TRISLIDE, TRISWIM and FOGGIES, and THIR.

In addition to importing these brands direct from their manufacturers in the USA and New Zealand, we wholesale direct to retail stores across Australia, work with several Australian distributors and sell direct to the public through our websites, and

As a company started by Ultradistance Trail Runners Tegyn Angel and Kellie Emmerson, we operate from a position of extensive personal experience and personally use and recommend every product we represent.  We are proud to support a number of events, charities and groups throughout the country and see this contribution to our community as a vital part of running an ethical business.

For all enquiries, whether they be Retail, Wholesale, Brand Development or Sponsorship-related, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at  Cheers

Tegyn Angel – Director

Our Brands

Premium Products for Endurance Athletes

Why the strange name?

A little bit about our unusual name

At some point in our history, Human Beings said NO MORE to the beasts that were eating us.  Our Persistence, Resilience, Endurance and Ingenuity helped us overcome the challenges we face.  We’re for the underdog, for the spirit of defiance against ridiculous odds.

Persistent. Resilient. Enduring. You.

Maybe it’s a little melodramatic, but we believe that the current model of buying products for endurance sport needs a facelift.  It’s boring, impersonal and cliche.  It’s an attempt to cater to everyone and so it caters to no one.  We believe that by focusing on what people actually need and want, rather than trying to outspend our competition on marketing and sponsorship, we can do it better.

“First principles thinking,” writes James Clear, “…is one of the most effective strategies you can employ for breaking down complicated problems and generating original solutions.

The human tendency for imitation is a common roadblock to first principles thinking. When most people envision the future, they project the current form forward rather than projecting the function forward and abandoning the form.


For instance, when criticizing technological progress some people ask, “Where are the flying cars?” Here’s the thing: We have flying cars. They’re called airplanes. People who ask this question are so focused on form (a flying object that looks like a car) that they overlook the function (transportation by flight).

James Clear

Author, photographer, and weightlifter |


While everyone else is trying to build a flying car, we’re focused on building a sexy new aeroplane.   A select range of world’s best, endurance-specific brands, with the knowledge and experience to help you make an informed decision. No more fuelling your Ultra or Ironman based on advice from someone who’s never stepped outside the gym or felt the burn that comes from racing for hours on end. No more searching through the protein and weight loss aisles or repurposing inferior, generic products. No more compromises.