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Gear List for a Travelling Runner

Given that I travel and hike for a living, and run trails however and whenever I can, I often get asked what I pack.  I’ve put together a fairly generic list of gear that allows me to run, hike, sleep, travel and drink coffee in comfort.  Where possible I’ve attempted to provide a specific example of each item, and a few words about why I’ve chosen it or suggestions for its use.

While I’ve attempted to be exhaustive, every trip will require different kit and your specific needs will no doubt differ.  This list is fairly indicative of what I tend to carry on a trip to the developing world where I’ll hike, run and travel in and out of urban spaces.  I’d choose to leave a good amount of this gear in a hostel’s luggage storage if going on a hike, or leave a lot of it at home if I didn’t plan to hike at all (tent, stove etc.).  Clearly weather pays a huge role in determining what gear you take and this can’t be condensed into a static gear list.  Finally, on work trips I’d also be required to carry a range of safety equipment that might include a Throw Line, length of Rope, Smoke & Carbon Monoxide alarms, Riding or Rock helmets, extensive Drug and Triage kit and so on.

Please note that this list is an example of what I might pack.  It cannot possibly replace good judgement based on training and experience.  While I’m more than happy to discuss the list, it should be known that this and any subsequent advice is provided free of charge for educational purposes only and no responsibility is taken for what you might do with it.  While Knowledge may be Power, without good judgement knowledge can be just as dangerous as ignorance, if not worse given the arrogance and complacency it can promote.

If you’d prefer, you can Travelling Runner Gear List.

Gear List for a Travelling Runner

Gear List for a Travelling Runner

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