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Cool Citrus VFuel Gels [12ct master shipper]

Cool Citrus VFuel Gels [12ct master shipper]


12ct wholesale-only master shipper of Cool Citrus VFuel Gels.

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Our Cool Citrus flavoured VFuel uses real, pure, high quality citrus oils. Cool and refreshing.  The best citrus endurance nutrition product you’ve ever tasted! No faking it here. It’s the real deal. The first true endurance gel!

Every packet of VFuel contains 1275 mg of our VFuel Endurance Formula, giving you the proper nutrition you need to train day after day, mile after mile, year after year. Taste, Quality, Performance; you no longer have to choose.

How to use: Take one serving 15 minutes before your workout/race. Then take one serving every 30/45 minutes as you see fit. Always follow with water.


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