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Gear List for a Travelling Runner

Given that I travel and hike for a living, and run trails however and whenever I can, I often get asked what I pack.  I’ve put together a fairly generic list of gear that allows me to run, hike, sleep, travel and drink coffee in comfort.  Where possible I’ve attempted... read more
Product Review – Camera – Contour+2

Product Review – Camera – Contour+2

I first received the Contour+2 (C+2) from Highly Tuned Athletes in January for the purposes of testing and reviewing but couldn’t pus out a review out of confusion. I knew the C+2 had a lot to offer, I just couldn’t quite work out what. Having given it a great deal of... read more

First Impressions – Led Lenser H7R Head Lamp

In the Head Torch market there are no shortage of options and identifying the best one for you is really a matter of determining what, exactly, you need from the unit. In our experience, the big five deciding features are: Weight, Battery Life, Build Quality... read more