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Race Report – Survival Run Australia 2015

By Tegyn Angel, winner of the 2015 Survival Run Australia (SRA). Buckley’s Chance, SRA in a word: infreakingcredible. I’ve largely gotten out of the habit of writing blow by blow race reports, but Kellie’s right; So much happened in this one that if I don’t do it now... read more

Wildplans Newsletter – June/July 2015

With few awesome months behind us, we’re stoked to bring you the June-July Newsletter. This post has been underway for a about a month now but we’ve been super busy with new products, new customers an some awesome events. Indeed, I’m writing this from the highlands of... read more

Wildplans / THIR Newsletter – April 2015

Welcome to April folks!  Yeah yeah, we know, it’s almost three weeks into the month but we’re resisting the urge to believe that time’s flying!  Firstly, welcome to everyone joining us from both Wildplans & THIR Australia.  You’re not... read more

The Cottage Renaissance – Part 3 – THIR

It’s often said that Necessity is the Mother of Invention, but what about unfathomable fatigue, delerium and incredible stubbornness? I imagine Plato would have had a thing or two to say about those, too. Ultra Runner and THIR founder, Virginia Winstone, launched the... read more