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Wildplans / THIR Newsletter – April 2015

Welcome to April folks!  Yeah yeah, we know, it’s almost three weeks into the month but we’re resisting the urge to believe that time’s flying!  Firstly, welcome to everyone joining us from both Wildplans & THIR Australia.  You’re not... read more

The Cottage Renaissance – Part 4 – RocBloc

As is the case with all of the companies featured in this series, RocBloc was conceived from the union of need and circumstance. Cathy Maguire was frustrated with the amount of rubbish getting into her shoes whilst trail running in the Dandenong Mountains, west of... read more

Gear List for a Travelling Runner

Given that I travel and hike for a living, and run trails however and whenever I can, I often get asked what I pack.  I’ve put together a fairly generic list of gear that allows me to run, hike, sleep, travel and drink coffee in comfort.  Where possible I’ve attempted... read more
Product Review – Camera – Contour+2

Product Review – Camera – Contour+2

I first received the Contour+2 (C+2) from Highly Tuned Athletes in January for the purposes of testing and reviewing but couldn’t pus out a review out of confusion. I knew the C+2 had a lot to offer, I just couldn’t quite work out what. Having given it a great deal of... read more