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Welcome to 2015!

LARAPINTA Welcome to the New Year! 2015 is already shaping up to be an awesome year here at Wildplans. Together with Tour de Trails we’ve got some awesome itineraries on the schedule for you. Our first Larapinta Trail tour departs Alice Springs on the 14th of... read more

The Cottage Renaissance – Part 4 – RocBloc

As is the case with all of the companies featured in this series, RocBloc was conceived from the union of need and circumstance. Cathy Maguire was frustrated with the amount of rubbish getting into her shoes whilst trail running in the Dandenong Mountains, west of... read more

Video Race Report – WildEndurance – 2013

This video follows the course of the 100km event, run by Tegyn Angel and Kolya Miller, their 4th and 5th WildEndurance Events respectively. This is a team event run by Mountain Sports on behalf of The Wilderness Society where teams raise money to support the efforts... read more

Race Report – Northburn 100mile – Part 1

This is the# first of a two part series where I’ll attempt reflect on, and try to draw some lessons from, the running of my first 100mile Ultramarathon, the Northburn 100 (NB100). For ease of reading and organisation I’ve divided the posts into two categories:... read more