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Video Race Report – Cradle Mountain Ultra – 2013

Is there a more spectacular trail race in the country?  If so, I don’t know about it and would probably argue with you anyway!  I first heard about the Cradle Mountain Ultramarathon from my Uncle Richard while hiking the track in 2001.  Thinking we were pretty special to hike the full length (plus Pine Valley) in 4 1/2 days, I couldn’t believe it when he told me people ran it not just in one day, but in under 10 hours.  I still find the idea of running this course incredible, and I just ran it in 11:56!

Video Race Report

The day dawned cool and crisp, perfect weather to help slash this one off my Bucket List.  It stayed that way throughout the day, maxing at around 16 degrees C, overcast and with the odd smattering of light showers.  The Pathos that the fog leant the sunrise over Dove Lake will not soon be forgotten.  The first few hours of the run are without doubt in my top5 Australian Outdoors memories, up there with Wilson’s Prom, Night Swimming in the Natural Bridge (a long while ago!), climbing Mt Sonder on the Larapinta Trail and a few other little secrets.  The trail is just as they say – tough, full of tree roots and duck-boarding, loose rocks and mud pools.  The leg from Narcissus to Cynthia Bay is a tree-jumping, trunk-scrambling joy ride and the dip in the lake at the end is as brisk as the run is tough.

More photos are available on our Flickr Page (click)

Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain

Results Summary

In a true show of Tenacious D-grade awesomeness, Orienteer Hanny Alston destroyed the women’s record and finished 4th overall in 8hrs 13minutes.  Katherine Macmillan continued her relentless quest to run every race possible and took out 2nd (10:53) in front of Sue Rundle (11:05).  In the Mens, Orienteer Rob Walter (is there a compass-bearing theme developing here? Gill Fowler?) took first overall in 7:56 in front of Stu Gibson (8:01), Matt Cooper (8:09) and Damian Smith (8:58 – behind Hanny Alston).


A huge thanks to the organisers for being amazing, Parks Tasmania for being allowing us to run an event like this, and to all the runners, entirely regardless of your finishing time, for being incredibly supportive and warm toward each other.  On no few occasions I thought to myself “How Good is This?

Full results and more photographs can be found on the event website –

Footage was shot using a GoPro Hero3 Black Edition provided by

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