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Wildplans Newsletter – June/July 2015

With few awesome months behind us, we’re stoked to bring you the June-July Newsletter. This post has been underway for a about a month now but we’ve been super busy with new products, new customers an some awesome events. Indeed, I’m writing this from the highlands of Timor Leste where my day job has me working with Aussie students volunteering their time in the Ermera district of Timor Leste. It’s a great program and has a brilliant side effect – LOTS of recce time for our 2016 Timor Trailrunning Tours. But more on that later.

In this post we’ll introduce you to our first Sponsored Athlete, Scotty Hawker, report on some recent races and product news and throw out a few teasers about things to come. Right down the bottom we’ve thrown in a coupon code to celebrate the arrival of our VFuel shipment, welcome Scotty to our team and say thank you to all our readers and subscribers!

After a few delays with Australia Post our little warehouse is chock full of tasty VFuel to keep you fuelled during training and racing alike. VFuel was designed by ultradistance runners and is intended for all endurance athletes. Everything in VFuel is intended to keep the engines burning well into your long run, ride, paddle or climb. The same ingredients that help to delay fatigue and keep your body functioning during long sessions also help to accelerate your recovery. Bonus!

VFuel is currently available for sale on our website ( and will soon be available in a handful of premium stores around the country. Watch this space!

Each month we’ll feature one of our flavours and this month it’s Peach Cobbler. Starting with a base of Organic Peach Extract (taken straight from the fruit) and a pinch of cinnamon, we then add our not-so-secret VFuel Endurance Formula, MaltoDextrin and Dextrose to keep you fueled, a bit of caffeine to help digestion and some electrolytes to keep things firing. We’ve heard stories of people putting this stuff on their porridge and it tastes far better than a lot of Peach Jams we’ve tried! This is Tegyn’s personal favourite, not overly sweet and very fruity – like my Grandma’s cooking.

Teaser: Imagine VFuel as a drink…

Scotty Hawker has exploded onto the Australian Ultra scene recently and is going from Strength to Strength. While he claims to be a kiwi, Scotty is holed up in Australia’s Blue Mountains where trains like a boss and works as a coach for Mile27 (check it out!). Earlier this year Scotty won the Big Easy Ultra for the 2nd year in a row and took 3rd at The Hillary. He had a barnstorming run at the North Face 100, taking 2nd overall behind Tom Owens and went on to take 4th at the Lavaredo Ultra Trail. He’s now deep in training for another crack at UTMB. Scotty finished a very respectable 64th at the 2014 UTMB in 27:53:38 but is in absolutely stellar form right now and we think he’s going to smash it. We’re super stoked to have Scotty on the VFuel team and can’t wait to follow his journey on the 28th of August.

In late May Kellie and Tegyn flew over to France for the World Trail Running Championships (run within the 2015 Maxi-Race). Kellie was there to represent Australia and hey, who wouldn’t go along for the ride? After arriving in Lyon they headed south to Chanac and both ran an incredible little race called the Lozere Trail. Kellie smoked the 14km in 74mins and took out 2nd, finishing only a few minutes behind the eventual 4th place female in the IAU World Champs. Tegyn ran the 50km and had a solid day out too, taking 10th in around 5:16. The 50km in particular passed through some absolutely incredible country that included ancient cobbled villages, quaint farming villages, steep limestone gorges and pristine trails for the taking. Check out Tegyn’s report in the June edition of Trail Run Mag (here).

The world champs was absolutely epic. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel so we’ve included Kellie’s race report below, but suffice it to say it was an incredible few days. Kellie smashed out a phenomenal 19th placed female against some of the worlds best Ultra Trail Runners and was understandably very stoked with finishing the 84km (with 5500m gain!) in a little over 11hrs. Tegyn, ever the junkie for punishment, faced one of his weaknesses (climbing) in the Vertical Km and “almost blew my heart up” (Thanks Shane Hutton for the visual). A couple of days later he ran the Maxi Marathon which claimed 2800m+ over 42km (about the same as the Buffalo SkyMarathon). He had a bloody tough day out and very quickly realised that a running Vert Km two days before a race with a lot of climbing was a stupid idea. Still, in spite feeling like a bag of bones all day, he knocked it off in a reasonable time of 05:34:09.  Check out Tegyn’s homage to the Aussie IAU World Trail Champs team in the latest edition of Trail Run Mag (here).

Both Kellie and Tegyn are now taking a little breather from racing, at least until August when things heat up again very quickly. Both are running the inaugural Berry Long Run, a new event in forest between Blackwood and Lerdergerg, which aims to raise funds for Berry Street.   Berry Street is a non-profit that helps to support foster kids and this event in particular is raising money for the Outdoorsy Camp Programs that Berry Street organises and funds. Wildplans are donating some prizes for the winners to help things along but the real support needs to come from you, our community.

Head over to: to learn more about the program.

You can donate directly via our everyday hero page:

To sign up head here:

A couple of weeks later the THIR-Sponsored Wonderland Run in the incredible Grampians will take place. Bastard child of RD-extraordinaire Rohan Day (of Two Bays and Rollercoaster Run fame) and mad Scottsman and Ultrarunner Matt Bell, we’re super chuffed to both be running, and supporting, what’s sure to become a must-do race on the Australian Trail calendar. We’ve got two unique custom THIR designs for the event: A limited edition version for the long course (37km) and a general design for the shorter events and public and public consumption.

Speaking of THIR, we’re stoked to finally announce some new and ongoing designs for sale! Big Mumma THIR NZ has been hard at work designing some new designs and we couldn’t be happier. There are 7 in total: 3 inspired by water, 2 by the scales of a fish and two “other” designs – a Paisley and a Floral, both on black. We’ll be getting these up on the website in the next week or so.

Timor Leste, as I’ve written and posted around the place, is a trail runner’s paradise! Mountains, Oceans and more single track than roads. Not to mention incredibly warm people buoyed by independence and a very recent nationhood. I’ve run hundreds of kilometres of Timorese trails and they have to be seen to be believed. In 2016 we’ll be embarking on another private recce and this will be closely followed by a fully-hosted, professionally guided, exploratory trip. That’s industry-speak for “come along and lets discover some new trails together – we’ve got the training and experience to make it both epic and safe.” Down the track we hope to host an Ultra Trail event that will rival the best Europe has to offer with proceeds supporting the education of rural Timorese children.

If you’re interested in being the first “trail runners” to hit some of these areas, drop us a line at: It’ll blow your mind!

Well, that’s it from us!  Make sure you drop us a line by email or on facebook/instagram and say hello.