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Wildplans / THIR Newsletter – April 2015

Welcome to April folks!  Yeah yeah, we know, it’s almost three weeks into the month but we’re resisting the urge to believe that time’s flying!  Firstly, welcome to everyone joining us from both Wildplans & THIR Australia.  You’re not receiving this in error; we’ve simply combined two here-to independent sides of our business.  If you’ve got any concerns by all means drop us a line.




In the news this month we’ve got a few interesting tidbits to share:  We reveal a new Custom THIR project, we talk about a few little changes we’re making over the next few weeks, we introduce some new products to our store and THIR athlete and director, Kellie Emmerson, tells us about her cracking win at the recent Oxfam Trailwalker Melbourne.

Icebug Australia Custom THIRbands

Welcome to Australia, Icebug!  Who the hell are Icebug?  Well, Icebug is the official shoe of the Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) World Championships and a world leader in Trail Running and OCR footwear.  The company started as a result of some restless Swedes wanting to be able to stay active year-round in Swedish conditions.  The end result is a range of shoes for running and other activities that deliver outstanding traction through a unique grip technology.

Icebug Australia have commissioned a Custom THIRband that will be used for promo activities, event prizes and for generally looking damn fine.  You’re likely to see these being sported by the Australian Icebug OCR and Trail team and will soon be available for sale in our shop.

Icebug Australia THIRBand

Icebug Australia THIRBand

Icebug Australia pre-sales

Here at THIR Australia and Wildplans our mission is simple:

To bring colourful, innovative products to the Australian market which have been designed and produced with trailrunners, obstacle course racers, hikers, mountainbikers and outdoors-people in mind.

In keeping with this mission, we’re happy to announce that as of now, not only can you pre-order custom Icebug THIRbands from our shop, but you can all pre-order the Icebugs themselves! That’s right, we’re selling shoes 🙂  Stock is currently sailing it’s way from Scandinavia to Australia, enduring tough seas and climate change, and is expected to hit our warehouse late May.  Because we know waiting sucks, we’re offering 10% off the RRP for all pre-orders made before April 30 and free postage after that.

Running RB9X_group_reflection

Our Shop & Blog are moving!

This is kind of ironic given the virtual nature of our shop but, nonetheless, we’re on the move!  Some of you may already know that THIR Australia is part of Wildplans.  Wildplans organises and leads Trailrunning Tours and Expeditions to areas of incredible, mindblowing, trailrunning heaven that we’ve identified around the world.  Australia’s Larapinta Trail, Chile’s Patagonia/Torres del Paine and East Timor’s Central Highlands to name a few.  Wildplans also produces imagery and video, as seen in Trail Run Mag AU/NZ and on YouTube.  Our video “Darkness” has reached almost 140k views; damn unexpected to say the least!

As we look to expand our product range with awesome new products we believe that moving the store over to will better reflect our direction.  We’ll still stock our awesome range of THIRbands and keep on keeping your skin healthy and chafe-free with Sweet Cheeks.  The ONLY things that will change are that a) the store will be co-branded Wildplans and b) if you click your way through to the shop from you’ll find you’re redirected  SO, if you’re visiting and find that on clicking the “shop” button you’re sent over to…. don’t worry! You haven’t been hijacked, we’re just walking you over to our new premises.

Likewise, we’ll soon be moving our blog across to Wildplans too.  We’ll shift your subscription so you don’t have to do a thing.  You’ll continue to receive our updates as before.  If you decide you’d like to

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 9.41.35 pm

Oxfam Trailwalker Melbourne 2015

A few weeks ago saw the 2015 edition of the Oxfam Trailwalker Melbourne.  Once again, Kellie Emmerson, Samantha Gash, Nikki Wynd and Deanna Blegg took to the trails to defend their title and prove that the girls can mix it with the lads.  Last year they blitzed home 2nd overall, first female team and in the process set a new course record.  With a reversed course this year things could have gone either way but, with a host of new sponsors helping them raise money for Oxfam, they stormed home to again take 2nd overall, first female team and set a new course record.

Here’s a few words from Kellie just after the event:

Today marked my 5th Oxfam and 3yrs running with the [Sam] Gash! The sun shone bright all day, the autumn leaves lit up the sky, and things went to plan! It was a great team effort- very proud of the girls who stuck it out through some tough patches. Huge thanks to our crew Tegyn Angel, Mathieu Doré, Amanda Steidle, our sponsors She Science and Turbo Superfoods. Thanks also for the gear Liquido Active and 2XU Australia, and to all of our other supporters following our journey today. Thanks to the awesome Olivia and Simon [Ferraro] for tagging along with the crew and ringing that bell with might! Thanks to my fam, the RITB gang and the andy’s for coming down to the finish line! Congrats to teams 456 and foley’s list -always love the banter along the way! And good luck to those teams toughing it out in the cold tonight!

Congratulations to Kellie and all the girls for an awesome run!  While donations to the girls’ team have closed, Oxfam are always in need of donations and you can rest assured these go toward awesome causes! Donate here:

SheScience Oxfam Trailwalker Melbourne 2015

Torres del Paine (Patagonia) Trailrunning Expedition

Patagonia is one of the most awe-inspiring, raw, visually astounding places we’ve ever seen. So close to the Magellan Strait, Cape Horn and Antarctica, wind-sculpted and weather-beaten, Torres Del Paine is the most impressive part of an incredible landscape.  The trip starts with the best accommodation and food Puerto Natales has to offer.  You wont want to leave the stunning Remota Hotel but the views and hospitality at Hotel Rio Serrano are definitely on par.  Our adventure continues with a gentle run along an undulating trail arriving at Refugio Paine Grande by lunch before an out-and-back to Mirador (lookout) Grey, overlooking the incredible Glacier Grey and the lake it feeds with Icebergs.

Remota Hotel, Puerto Natales

Remota Hotel, Puerto Natales

The next few days will take us counter-clockwise along the famous “W” trail, one of the worlds greatest hiking trails, before we head into the remote northern half of the Torres del Paine circuit. After passing through Los Perros and crossing John Gardner pass we’ll drop down toward Refugio Grey, running parallel to Glacier Grey that we saw all those days ago. Tomorrow is our last day on the trail and we’ll start by strapping on the crampons and hiking out onto the glacier itself before taking a boat to the three towering heads of Glacier Grey and then back down the lake to the incredible Hotel Grey.  Another night at Remota will round out the experience and etch Patagonia firmly in your mind.

Trail Running Torres del Paine

Trail Running Torres del Paine

Wildplans, in collaboration with our mates at Tour de Trails are sending our first Guided Trailrunning Adventure to the Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia, October 2015.  Departing ex Punta Arenas on the 16th of October, returning back to Punta Arenas on the 25th of October, this is an all-inclusive, luxury trailrunning tour of one of the world’s most incredible landscapes.  For more information check out the details here: Trailrunning Torres del Paine

Remota Hotel, Puerto Natales

Remota Hotel, Puerto Natales

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